How to build a business in the field of mobile apps

To create your own business, you should choose what you will sell in the future. When choosing the product or service on which you will earn, you should think about building a business on mobile applications. Many entrepreneurs simply do not understand how much potential this field has. Usually, this phenomenon is due to the fact that entrepreneurs realise that there is no problem to do some apps for Android free downloads today. Thus it is free and you need to find factors that generate revenue. This is advertising.

So, if your program becomes popular and a large number of users download it for free, then the revenue from advertising can be simply enormous. Apne TV is one such example. This program is completely free. It is an online cinema of Indian films and series broadcast in Hindi. Thus, it is designed for Hindus and offers no interesting ideas at first sight. That’s why you can download and use the Apne TV app for free. However, this program has many fans, and developers of it make good money through advertising.

Stages in the process of business starting

  1. The idea. First, you should brainstorm and come up with an idea. You don’t have to concretize it too much. You just need to choose the general direction in which you plan to work. Here, it is important for you to understand that flexibility is the key to success in the earnings on mobile applications.
  2. Tests and studies to determine the effectiveness of an idea. After you create a unique idea, you will need to test it. To do this, a variety of studies are being conducted that may show how potential users will react to the emergence of a new application. The important thing is that when you get negative results, you shouldn’t get upset. As a rule, the fact that the initial assumptions have not worked, allows entrepreneurs to find new, more promising options. As they say, the one who seeks will find.

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  3. Choose a mobile platform. Here, there is no choice as it is either Android or iOS. Windows is so far behind them that you can ignore this, and the rest of the mobile OS and nothing promising. Therefore, you should strive to get into the Play Market or the AppStore. It is desirable for you to be represented in both stores, but at first it can be problematic. So you need to plan where you direct your efforts. Usually, if an entrepreneur wants to get a lot of downloads, he should make a choice in favour of the Google store. If you need sales and paid subscriptions, then AppStore will be the best option.
  4. Finding of a development model. You need to determine whether you will hire freelancers or form a local programming staff. The second option is better for some reason. That’s why you should not rush and contact anyone, but pay attention to team building, which will give you success in the future. Also, you can establish a partnership with one of the IT companies, in which the team of specialists is already selected. This option may be acceptable even in the issue of money, but to achieve maximum involvement of team members for the development of the project will be more difficult.
  5. Search for funding. The best option is to have your own starting capital and move gradually. However, this is rarely the case. So you should think about other factors. So if you’re sure your idea is awesome, then you can refer to AngelList or Crunchbase. Venture capital investors provide their services that can give you an investment if the idea gets them. The third option is a bank loan for business opening. However, in this case you need to be sure that this bank will appreciate your business plan.
  6. Testing of app. Next, you should create the first version of your app, so that you can have a meaningful conversation and give maximum effort to refine and improve.
  7. Once your program is ready, you should choose one of the monetization strategies and start concrete actions.