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Which mobile app is good for prayer time

In addition to fasting during Ramadan, Muslims must perform the five daily prayers, which are obligatory daily. However, the busyness of daily activities can sometimes cause us to overlook and miss the accurate prayer times. This is especially true as prayer times vary daily, particularly during Ramadan.

To ensure timely worship, having a reliable app to remind you of prayer schedules is invaluable. The best prayer schedule reminder applications can help you keep track of accurate prayer times, allowing you to pray on time. This is crucial during Ramadan, as missing prayers and the call to prayer should be avoided, especially when knowing the Imsak and iftar schedules.

Fortunately, many applications are available to help you stay on top of your prayer schedule. For example, Prayer Times in Melbourne can be easily tracked using these apps, ensuring you always pray on time regardless of your location. Here are some top recommendations for the best prayer schedule reminder apps for Android that you can use.

Muslim Pro: Ramadan 2024

Muslim Pro is highly recommended as the premier prayer schedule app, boasting over 100 million downloads on the Play Store. This app not only provides accurate prayer times, including Prayer Times in Sydney, but also offers a variety of features, such as automatic call-to-prayer notifications, Qibla directions, the Quran, and a collection of daily prayers for you to read.

With Muslim Pro, you can explore a range of engaging features designed to deepen your love for Islam. From personalized learning and memorization tools tailored to your needs to an AI bot capable of answering various Islamic questions, this app provides comprehensive support to enrich your spiritual journey.

Muslim Muna: Quran Azkar Athan

This application provides a comprehensive range of information and services about Islam. It has everything you need from accurate prayer times and call-to-prayer notifications to various Islamic features for Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. In addition to prayer times, you can access a series of essential Islamic Hadiths and read the Holy Quran in multiple languages.

Muslim Muna also offers an offline Quran reading feature that you can use anytime. Another notable feature is the Gregorian calendar, which lets you check prayer times and track the remaining days of Ramadan. Moreover, the app helps you find nearby mosques and halal restaurants using its integrated map.

An exciting feature is Imam Live, where renowned Imams host live-streaming sessions and Q&A segments. This application truly enhances your Islamic experience with its versatile and user-friendly features.

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Everyday Muslim: Prayer & More

With over 100,000 downloads, this application provides comprehensive guidance to help you adhere to the prayer schedule accurately and consistently. Key features include precise prayer times tailored to your specific time and location, ensuring you never miss a prayer. You can also plan your monthly prayers using the integrated prayer time calendar. Additionally, you can activate prayer time notifications and easily find the Qibla direction using the app’s built-in map and compass.

Jadwal Sholat, Kiblat & Adzan

As the name suggests, this application calculates prayer times based on your location and is fully integrated across Indonesia. Android users have downloaded it over 1 million times via the PlayStore. In addition to providing daily prayer schedules, the app offers Imsak schedules during Ramadan and allows you to set prayer times for the next 30 days. You can also set alarm notifications to remind you of upcoming prayer times while in Indonesia. Additionally, the app features a Qibla direction finder and calculates the distance to the Kaaba from your location.

Salaam: Quran & Waktu Sholat

This prayer application features a comprehensive digital Al Quran, allowing you to view the Qibla direction, Ramadan, and Sunnah fasting times, as well as track your Al-Quran’s Tadarus progress. For those preparing for Hajj and Umrah, the app offers a detailed guide to assist you.

Verified by the Lajnah Pentashihan Mushaf Al-Qur’an from Indonesia’s Ministry of Religion and in collaboration with Cordoba International Indonesia, the country’s leading Al-Quran publisher, this application ensures reliability and authenticity. Additionally, you will receive contextual daily content based on the Islamic calendar, enhancing your spiritual journey every day.