Utilities in Uzbekistan are now available through a mobile application

On July 1, Uzbekistan will launch a groundbreaking and innovative initiative – introducing a single personal account to pay public utilities. This visionary step comes from the instruction of the president of Uzbekistan to implement unified billing accounts to streamline and simplify the payment process for various essential services such as electricity, gas, water supply, heating, waste removal, rent, and taxes.

According to information from the UzA agency, starting from July 1, every resident will be able to use a single personal account to manage their housing and communal services. This means that residents will no longer have to deal with multiple accounts or payment systems but can instead rely on one unified platform. The introduction of this unified billing system is a significant step towards enhancing the efficiency and transparency of the electric power industry and improving the overall convenience of interacting with utility services.


As part of the modern technological solutions, electricity consumption will be accurately measured and accounted for through “smart” meters installed in households. This automated system will ensure precise and efficient energy consumption monitoring, contributing to better resource management and conservation efforts. With advanced metering technology, residents will have detailed insights into their electricity usage, empowering them to make informed decisions about their energy consumption and promote sustainable practices.

To complement this initiative, a mobile application is being developed to provide consumers with real-time information on their payments, electricity consumption, and emergencies. Through this application, residents will have greater control over their utility services and can promptly address any concerns. Additionally, the app will offer personalized insights and recommendations to help residents optimize their energy usage and reduce their environmental footprint.

easy payment of utility bills
Easy payment of utility bills

This innovative step taken by Uzbekistan aims to provide residents with a more convenient, efficient, and user-friendly way to manage their utility services. By introducing a single personal account and leveraging modern technologies, the government is committed to enhancing the overall experience of residents when it comes to payment and management of their essential services. This initiative not only simplifies the process but also empowers individuals to actively participate in sustainable practices, contributing to the larger goal of environmental conservation.

Furthermore, this initiative will also contribute to the economic development of Uzbekistan by promoting digitalization and technological advancement in the utility sector. By embracing modern solutions and leveraging data-driven insights, the government can make informed decisions to improve service delivery, optimize resource allocation, and promote a more sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

Overall, introducing a single personal account for payment of public utilities in Uzbekistan represents a significant milestone in enhancing utility services’ efficiency, convenience, and sustainability. By integrating smart meters, mobile applications, and personalized insights, residents will have greater control and awareness of their energy consumption, fostering a responsible and sustainable usage culture. This initiative benefits individuals and contributes to the larger goals of environmental conservation, economic development, and technological progress in Uzbekistan.