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Written by on August 10, 2015

summer music festivals

A Guide to Surviving Summer Music Festivals

This summer, thousands of flower-crowned, shorts-wearing music fans will flock to California’s desert to watch some of the best bands in the world play. Throughout the summer, the same bands will tour around the country, performing at festivals that resemble Coachella in almost every way — but cater to each crowd differently. Summer music festivals are giant outdoor concerts where people listen to dozens of bands in rapid succession. The earliest festival is Coachella, which takes place in April; festival season runs into the fall. Sometimes the festivals are based on genres, or only feature local artists. But most of the giant money-makers feature every artist from Drake to Nine Inch Nails.

But these festivals aren’t all fun and games, as they involve being outside for long periods of time in the heat, using dreaded port-a-potties, having limited access to decent food, and no sleep. Being properly prepared for the inevitable discomforts that come with summer festivals will prevent you from letting anything ruin your chances of catching your favorite band. Here are some tips for dealing with these summer music festivals. This first tip may seem like the most obvious, but it’s also the most important. Bad sunburns from your first day at the festival could ruin the rest of your time. So make sure you carry around sun screen all day! To keep yourself energized, prioritize the groups that you really don’t want to miss, then consider the ones you’d be okay with ditching to rest or nap in the shade. Carrying a water bottle with you at all times is an absolute must if you don’t want to get sick and miss the rest of the festival. Another great tip is having a flashlight with you at all times to help navigate unfamiliar grounds after dark will come in handy, and potentially stop you from using a port-a-potty you don’t want to use.

Deep Jams gives you these tips so that you can have an optimally good time without any small hassles or discomforts throwing you off. Summer music festivals are amazing opportunities to see a wide variety of bands, meet fellow music lovers from all over and maybe even seen the next big band before they break out. Some festivals inspire a collaborative atmosphere that results in jam sessions that couldn’t happen anywhere else. If you come prepared, the heat, exhaustion, and other discomforts won’t get in the way of you having an amazing experience.

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