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Small Broadcaster’s Corner – Deep Jams Radio

Small Broadcaster’s Corner


The small broadcaster plays a unique role in the world of music radio. Small stations like DeepJams Radio are able to broadcast genre bending selections with an appeal to tight-nit demographic communities. We cover emerging artists as well as national acts that are often overlooked by mainstream media outlets. 

“We’re a vital source of exposure for artists who would easily be lost in the hit-driven universe of mainstream music outlets, so yes, it seems to me that SoundExchange’s constituency would be best served if we were able to continue operating”  states Bill Goldsmith of Radio Paradise in an interview with Radio and Internet News (see link to the full article below).

Recent changes to the laws that define how internet radio stations pay their royalties has created a lot of concern within the small broadcasters community and also right here at Deep Jams radio. I have been reading and researching and have discovered a lot of information, some of it sounds pretty familiar… some of it sounds like someone with an agenda wrote it, and other sources don’t seem to be operating with the same facts that we are seeing here at Deep Jams radio… To say it’s complicated appears to be a huge understatement.

Meanwhile, we have had to make some decisions to keep the station operating. We began the year with an appeal for contributions. And here we are in March still broadcasting! We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone that was able to contribute and give us some breathing space to do some planning and goal setting.

We also need to thank each and every listener that makes the choice to listen to Deep Jams Radio. The truth is we have something happening here at Deep Jams Radio… we are growing… every month we grow and it’s each and every one of you that tune in to listen that make this station live.

We have experienced an 8 fold increase in our monthly royalty fees since the new royalty rates have gone into effect. This does not include the multitude of other expenses that come with day to day station operation. We have outgrown the standardized billing plans for our royalty payment provider but you can get a basic idea here:

The link above also demonstrates that when we start to place revenue into the equation our costs will increase again. We have a very careful balancing act to perform that will allow us to serve you, our listener, and pay the bills that keep us on the web.

It has become clear that we are going to have to accept advertisers.  We cannot stay in operation without revenue.

We looked at services that insert targeted advertising to our stream (technology is amazing!), but these services want to insert 8-10 targeted ads per hour. That is a LOT of advertising! When we started seriously talking about taking ads we decided that we’d like to keep it to 3 per hour. Consequently we have designed an advertising campaign with pricing that should allow us to stick to that plan.


Things you can do to help:

  • Each time you hear an ad on Deep Jams Radio please know that a small business has made an investment in this station and in themselves to bring you information about a product or service. If these businesses are offering something that you desire please check them out and do your business within this community that is working together. We will do our part to keep the interruptions to a minimum and continue bringing you the great music you expect to hear when you tune in to Deep Jams Radio
  • Let your Congressional Representative and U.S. Senator know you want small, webcast, streaming radio stations to be treated fairly, so they can continue to afford to provide the music you enjoy listening on your computer, smartphone and other mobile devices. At the very least, Congress should reinstate the Webcaster Settlement Act provisions for small internet stations left out of the current rules.
  • Go to and sign up to receive information and updates from the future of music coalition. Also check out their FAQ section for some basic unbiased information



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