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Written by on March 26, 2015

phil lesh

All About The Talented Phil Lesh

Phil Lesh started his musical endeavors at a young age, starting out playing the violin at age 8 and eventually switching to the trumpet at age 14. He fell in love with the art of classical and jazz music while attending the College of San Mateo and eventually transferring to the University of Berkeley. Before Lesh dropped out after a semester, he met his future keyboardist, Tom Constanten.

In 1962 he met his bluegrass banjo player, Jerry Garcia, who invited him to join his own band as the bass guitarist. The band renamed itself the Grateful Dead and the magic began here. The band played from 1965 to 1995. Lesh wasn’t a composer or singer with the Grateful Dead but he contributed many famous songs such as “New Potato Caboose”, “Box of Rain”, “Unbroken Chain” and “Pride of Cucamonga.” The band was known for its eclectic style and the songs fused rock, folk, blues, bluegrass and occasionally reggae and country. Throughout their near-endless touring, the band gained thousands of fans which referred to themselves as “Deadheads”.

Unfortunately the band decided to break up after the sudden death of the guitarist Jerry Garcia, but instead organized several other bands with their members. Phil also formed his own band called Phil Lesh and Friends. Along with Lesh touring with another band he started with Bob Weir called “Further”; he and his wife administer a charitable organization called the Unbroken Chain Foundation. They have two children together whom are both musicians as well. In 1994, Phil was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Grateful Dead. Years later, in 2012, Lesh decided to open a music venue called Terrapin Crossroads.

Recently, during the week of March 15th, 16th, 18th, and 19th 2015, Lesh celebrated his 75th birthday at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY. During these sold out shows, Lesh performed with Warren Haynes, Eric Kranso, Rob Barraco, John Molo and Barry Bless. After these shows at the Capitol Theatre, Phil Lesh and Friends will return to The Cap for performances on October 30th and 31st as well as November 6th and 7th. So if you’re as big of a Lesh fan as we are, then make sure to tune into DeepJams.Net to hear a live stream of awesome tunes including many of Lesh’s legendary songs!

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