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Written by on March 24, 2015

online music streaming

Online Music Streaming Services

In a world in which everything can be accessed through the click of a button, where is the place for music?  People do not take the time to sit down and enjoy a record, tape, or even a CD anymore.  They know what they want to hear, and they look the song or artist up by name on the internet to access their work.  With this process of instant gratification, online music streaming was born.  In the beginning, streaming services had small banks of songs that often repeated themselves a handful of times.  Today, there are services with millions of songs in storage and comprehensive learning devices to play only what they predict the listener wants to hear.

Deep Jams is the place to go for any jam band, blues, or rock artists on the internet.  With a tailored list of songs and little to no interrupting advertisements, there is nothing to get in the way of pure jamming happiness.  Online music streaming has become a staple for all types of people.  From busy college students constantly blasting music through their headphones, gentle sounds coming out of a small office, or blaring from the back of a food truck, music is everywhere.  Through convenient streaming services, genres of music are grouped together in order to form fluid playlists to entice listeners.

The evolving nature of online music streaming services has record companies on their toes, as sales have inevitably dropped due to the availability of music for free on the internet without using illegal pirating software.  Although there are countless streaming services, has one of the biggest and best selections of rock, blues, and jam band songs with no interruptions.  Many streaming services offer a large variety of music, but they are usually interrupted by numerous advertisements that seem to drag on and on between songs.  These advertisements are one of if not the largest complaint of listeners using various streaming services.

The ability to access almost any song through the click of a button is something that most internet users have become accustomed to.  Rather than paying a fee to get rid of advertisements, most users simply sit through them and waste valuable listening times.  At Deep Jams, they understand that music should come first and foremost, which is why the service is free, easy to use, and free of advertisements.  If these features do not attract listeners, then the talent of artists such as the Allman Brothers Band, the Grateful Dead, and Gov’t Mule should certainly bring music appreciators to the web.

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