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Written by on July 18, 2016

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Matt Abts and His Boundless Talent

Born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma was Matt Abts and unbeknownst to the town at the time, would soon become the Grammy nominated drummer of Gov’t Mule. After learning how to play the drums in high school, Abts has been deemed one of the best musically adaptable drummers that can play for almost any type of music genre. With tracks that include some of the most influential musicians of rock history, he’s proven himself and his talent to be ultimately inexhaustible.

After Matt Abts found his talent at such a formative age, he continued to move to Virginia where he played for local bands for eight years. His determining love for music is what helped him stumble upon his first big break. Abts decided to move to Florida and started playing with The Dickey Betts Band and later that decade, in ’88, he recorded his first album with them titled, “Pattern Disruptive”. Possibly unknown to Abts straightaway, but this milestone would give him the priceless gift of not only lifelong bandmates, but friends.

Not too long after this release, Abts moved down to LA in ’94 and kept his friends Warren Haynes and Allen Woody close to him! In Macon Georgia, they performed as Gov’t Mule for the first time. Gov’t Mule was on the path to growth and prosperity as they progressively toured and recorded five albums all just six years after the band’s first show. Unfortunately, there was an uncalled for bump in the road of Gov’t Mule’s success. In August of 2000, Allen Woody passed away and the band took a hard fall. To make matters worse for the band, a couple months after the death of their bassist their record company fell through and things felt even more hopeless. Matt Abts and Warren Haynes suffered the death of not only a bandmate but a brother as well. They pondered potential further existence of Gov’t Mule without a record label or Woody. The band felt heartbroken and didn’t know if continuing was worth it. Abts and Haynes made the bold decision to create an album that would be solely dedicated to the amazing gift Allen once gave to the band: his talent. The album was titled “The Deep End” and it consisted of 26 different tracks that each included a different bassist. The bassists Haynes and Abts picked to be on the album were important because they wanted highly respected musicians that also had been major influence to Allen’s expertise.

During the recording process, Matt Abts used his remarkable ability to welcome challenge when it came to performing different music styles with different people. As Abts reminisces on the experience, he explains, “It was probably the most unique situation I’ll ever be in”. Gov’t Mule got to record with amazing artists from bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Grateful Dead etc. Matt’s adaptable talent is what helped Gov’t Mule wholeheartedly move on from Woody’s passing.

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