Jorgen Carlsson: Rock Bassist

Written by on August 31, 2015

Jorgen Carlsson

Jorgen Carlsson, Kenton Lee (partner with DeepJams radio)and T Bone Andersson

Jorgen Carlsson: How He Came To Be A Part Of Gov’t Mule

Jorgen Carlsson is a Swedish born and raised multi-instrumentalist, producer/mixer and composer, noted for his work as bassist and member of the band Gov’t Mule since 2008. Carlsson is also a founding member of the rock band Planet of the Abts (P.O.A.); working on every creative level of the recording process. P.O.A. All Things the Valley (ATV) released in June 2015 through The Orchard/Sony. The ATV 2015 Tour started at Mt. Jam. Carlsson is known for his broad musical range through his live/studio bass performances with various artists.  Residing in Los Angeles, he is also the co-owner of Rogers Boat Studio with British Engineer Steve Holroyd.

Jorgen Carlsson had a true rock and roll outlaw moment that launched his bass playing career.
He started out on drums, and then progressed to electric guitar in his native Sweden. Over time he realized on the bass he could play drums and changes at the same time. So he traded his Marshall for an Ibanez 4-string and committed to the bass. As a younger boy, it was all about Kiss. He loved the distortion and explosiveness of Gene Simmons. Then he discovered Sabbath, Hendrix, Deep Purple, and Steely Dan. Because of Sweden’s generous social outreach programs, he enrolled in the Grove School of Music in Van Nuys and learned to read music, in addition to getting exposure to jazz standards and big band music. Jorgen got a life changing break when he learned that he would be getting a phone call from Warren Haynes. He didn’t realize what that meant until he saw some You Tube videos and discovered the Allman Brothers/ Gov’t Mule connection. Warren told him if he was willing to learn 2 to 300 songs by summertime, he would definitely continue the conversation.

Jorgen Carlsson flew to New York and showed up locked and loaded. They checked his ears, his intuition, everything. They liked his sound and Jorgen got the gig. Gov’t Mule turned out to be a great fit for Jorgen: rock and roll music with a jazz formula. He continues to record and tour with Mule, as well as the power trio POA.

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