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The Southern Music Sensation of Col. Bruce Hampton What many people don’t know is that Bruce Hampton was born with the name Gustav Berglund III. Later on in his life he became a founding member of Atlanta Georgia’s innovative Hampton Grease Band, where he adopted his signature name Colonel Bruce Hampton, Retired. Among many other […]

B.B. King: The King of the Blues A singer and guitarist born into a sharecropping family on September 16, 1925, in Itta Bena, Mississippi, Riley B. King… the famous guitar slinger known as B.B. King, became one of the best-known blues performers and a primary model for rock guitarists in the music industry.  All of […]

Guitar Legend of Blues Music Many of us know Buddy Henderson by his nickname “Bugs” Henderson. But many of us also know him as one of the greatest and most respected blues guitarists of the last 40 years. Henderson was born on October 20, 1943 in sunny Palm Springs, California where he later moved to […]

March 26, 2015

All About The Talented Phil Lesh Phil Lesh started his musical endeavors at a young age, starting out playing the violin at age 8 and eventually switching to the trumpet at age 14. He fell in love with the art of classical and jazz music while attending the College of San Mateo and eventually transferring […]

Online Music Streaming Services In a world in which everything can be accessed through the click of a button, where is the place for music?  People do not take the time to sit down and enjoy a record, tape, or even a CD anymore.  They know what they want to hear, and they look the […]

The Biography of the Talented John Scofield John Scofield, who is also known as “Sco”, is an American jazz-rock guitarist and composer. His music is a great combination of jazz, post-bop, jazz fusion, jazz funk, acid jazz and nu jazz.  He was born on December 26, 1951 and started playing the guitar at age 11. […]

February 25, 2015

  The Best Music App to Download Everyone seems to be on his or her phone these days. People are constantly using their cellular devices to do more things on the go. From banking, to virtual communication, to making purchases and getting directional tips the list is endless as to what cell phones are capable […]

Free Music Listening at the Touch of a Mouse Being able to listen to your favorite tunes when and where you want is ideal. However, to access these platforms can sometimes prove to be costly, time consuming, and disappointing. Although for those that enjoy the freedom of being able to hear playlists on their time […]

Gov’t Mule’s Island Exodus: The Perfect Musical Vacation If you love relaxing out in the beautiful warm sun all day, drinking an ice cold beer, and listening to the awesome hums of your favorite jam band then we have some good news for you! For six years now, every January, Gov’t Mule’s Island Exodus is […]

February 3, 2015

Southern Rock–Soulful Blend of Rock, Country, and Blues Rock music as a genre started in the Southern United States, with the first wave of 1950’s rock and roll stars like Bo Diddley, Elvis Presley, and Buddy Holly hailing from the Deep South. Southern Rock is a derivative of the larger rock genre, but many have […]

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