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Written by on October 4, 2016

Album review: Richie Pidanick’s Carpe Diem Release date September 22, 2016


There’s a bit of a story behind to how you come to be reading this… Kenton Lee (co-founder of Deep Jams Radio and also a longtime drummer) got in touch with us recently about a CD he’d discovered… the next day a fedex overnighter arrived with a prerelease copy of Carpe Diem by Richie Pidanick enclosed. Now you might ask yourself “why in the age of digital everything send a hard copy overnight?” Well that’s a pretty good question. The answer is what this story is really about…


I lay pretty low around here; I’m not the music expert in these parts. I’m happily surrounded by those infinitely more qualified on that score, and I know this. Nope, the keyboard I drive is attached to a PC these days. But I do hear a lot of music, and at times something stands out from the crowd, you know? So the CD arrives and as I update the digital data tags (because that’s the only way we’re able to share it with you) I listen to the album. It’s mostly cover tunes with a couple of original compositions tucked in. And the thing is, it’s a listenable album, it kind of grabs you and reels you in. Curious I looked over the CD cover and found a pretty exceptional insert with an introduction penned by Richie and an epilog written by his good friend and ardent admirer Doane Perry.  Turns out everyone associated with the album falls into those two categories: Good Friends and Ardent Admirers. You can hear that care when you listen… which is how I found myself reading (and rereading) that cd insert, and listening to this cd several times. Right down to the instruments played and the recording details, everything about this composition is absolutely meticulous. It takes several times thru to recognize that no detail no matter how small has been carefully documented and preserved.richie-ring



So for some background: Richie Pidanick is a drummer. Not just any old drummer, a real drummer who has been around for decades… old school some people call that. Richie’s legacy includes: 2003 induction into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame; an invention called the Richie Ring which which suppresses harmonic ring on drum heads for recording sessions,  a 2012 interview for the NAMM Oral History Program; a longtime affiliation with Guitar Center; and now this CD: Carpe Diem.  All evidence of his lifetime love of and passion for music. In each of these areas he’s excelled. This CD is no different. It’s a labor of love; it was on his bucket list. He lived out that bucket list and the raw feeling that effort embodies is evident in this collection of carefully chosen and genuinely performed covers including notables: While my Guitar Gently Weeps and That’s Alright (Mama) concluding With a Little Help from my Friends. It is a passionate and expressive body of work. Richie lost his battle with liver cancer on September 27 2016 just a few days after the release of Carpe Diem. Proceeds from the sale of his CD will be used to benefit Hospice in Richie’s memory. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of the CD, ordering details are below, and don’t forget to read that album insert, you won’t regret it.


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Listen to the Deep Jams Radio interview with Richie Pidanick (conducted by Kenton Lee):

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